DAY 15 Sober: Surrender

Hello Friends, Today is my 15-day sober and I feel really good. Last night I went over to friend home, beer, wine and champagne was all around and I felt fine. No cravings but I already know if start having those kind of feelings I have to leave. I don’t want to be self-abusive and torture myself for a game night! 


Surrendering is a big part of getting sober the last few attempts at trying to stay sober was not successful because I thought I can do it on my own by not drinking but you have to surrender to a higher power to help deal with your issues and help guide you. Whatever you consider higher power in your life…For the past 3 years I really wanted to be done with drinking I prayed, hoped, kept working and trying, believed in my heart that I was done but I did not see a clear path but I knew in my heart that I wanted to live an amazing life. I had to hit rock bottom so all I had was my higher power and myself. On May 24 I saw a clear path and surrendered it all. 


The universe has plans for every human on this planet. When you work as hard, done as much as you can, strive, hope, given, Tried, bargain, pleaded, just SURRENDER. When you have done all you can do and there is nothing left for you to do! Give it up to the universe and let it become a part of the flow of the universe. I wanted to be sober so bad and tried everything! Everything! So on may 24 I surrendered it to the universe and in that second it clicked Sober is new the black. The universe has bigger dreams for us then we can dream on are own. The universe carved a clear path for me. Once I accepted the truth and surrender it I started to write and this blog was born. I feel in my soul and bones this blog is a catalyst for something great in my life that I might be unaware now. I just have to be sober, live in my truth, believe in high power that I understand it to be and surrender to it. 


Stay connect with love, Adolfo


6 thoughts on “DAY 15 Sober: Surrender

  1. Great work!! I congratulate you with all my heart!! I lost my grandfather to alcohol abuse. I really wish I got to know him, but at the same time I hate him for making my mom go through all that pain and loss. I’m sure your family must be very happy and very proud of you! Keep it up! 😀

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story, I can also relate losing my grandfather to alcohol and both of parents are both addicts.. i want this family disorder to end with me so my kids and their kids wont suffer.. thank you again for the support!

      • My pleasure! ❤
        Not yielding to a temptation that was part of your family for such a long time must have been exceedingly hard. But I'm sure the fruits of your courage and resolve would be very sweet 😀

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  3. This is great. It really motivated me because currently my mom has been dealing with a bad drug addiction. My family has tried so much to help her but she doesn’t want to help herself. I don’t know what our next step is but thank you and congratulations because you’re conquering something that effects millions of people everyday.

    • Thank you for sharing your story, its really brave of you. Addiction is a very hard but possible to overcome once you realize the addiction centers in the mind not the drug. So you have to deal with the mind, thoughts in your head telling you to use. I hurt so many loved ones because of the addiction but when i was fully deep in it, I still loved my family i was just unaware of the pain even though my loved ones would cry and yell at me. I just did not know how to stop, when i did stop for brief moments i just thought i can continue to live the same life and just stop.. i did not realize that i had to change everything around me make a new normal and i need to find out what caused me to use, find the core issues that makes me want to use, also i had to realize that the disorder does not go away so i have to watch my mind and become self aware, also I had to find a higher power so i can surrender.. i did not have control but once you see the addiction as a mind disorder then you can catch it telling you to use. I grew up with addict parents as well, so i can relate to your pain. I hope one day your family can be free and your mother can heal sometimes you have to fight the battle for her until she is ready, and when she sees the light it will be beautiful thing! she will be grateful for the courage you had to help her fight. I will send positive and energy and prayer your way!

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