Hello Friends, today is day 41 sober and “Sober is the New Black” has been such an amazing gift.  Sobriety has brought me so much peace, a happy mindset and self-awareness. Once I accepted the fact that I am an Addict and understood what role it has played in my life at that time.  Sobriety also thought me a lot about my own happiness.


Happiness is something that is created within you. We all have the tools inside ourselves. I see Happiness like A lantern in me; I have the fuel inside and my Positive thoughts, which is my match. Since happiness comes from within no one can take it away, events in your life may cause the light to dim or even go out but we can relight that match again with are positive thoughts. There is such thing as external happiness but this is a temporary feeling that goes away. I used to think External Happiness was the only kind and I was always searching for it in people, jobs, what I buy, competition with others, my scale, and how I look. When you only look for External happiness you are never fulfilled and always searching for the next bigger and better thing once you achieve whatever it is you were looking for. You become a Slave to external things but once I started to become Self-aware I try and only focus on the Inner happiness. It’s a joyful feeling that flows from me out into the universe with smiles, kindness and love.  Happiness isn’t about you receiving because you can’t receive what you already have. Happiness is a state of being and once you are truly their life is bliss. I see people and the world differently now. The only way I can continue this state of bliss is doing the work and staying Sober not just from Booze but from Past and ego

I still can appreciate external things but only with internal happiness can I live in a state of bliss and gratefulness, even during break ups, losing something important, gaining weight, getting old etc. My inner happiness is still burning bright. It might go dim or out but I just re light my lantern with my positive thoughts.

I am extremely grateful for this moment right now! To be sober, to be Adolfo and to see the love shining all around me, coming from within!

I love Pharrell “ Happy” Hope you enjoy this video!



Stay connect with love, Adolfo