DAY 36 Sober: Family Day

   Hello Friends today is 36 day sober and I can’t think of a better way to spend my day then hanging out with my stepmother and brother! It’s been an amazing weekend so far. Just got back in from the Farmers Market at the Grove. My stepmother loves the grove; every time she comes to Los Angeles it’s a must! I have a lot of amazing memories from the grove also I have a lot drunken memories. There is a bar at the farmers market that I used frequent before a movie, waiting for my EX to finish his shoot.  I used to love the Grove Theaters because they would never check my bag or I called it a mini bar. Today I walked past my old memories and it did not affect me at all! No cravings or even sadness for the old life I lived. I am in love with this knew one! After the Grove we did a hike at Griffith Park that was amazing! The view from the top was worth the hard work! I use to hike with the Ex but once again I walked passed the old memories not missing them enjoying this new life; a bit freeing! Finding myself everyday in every moment. I never been in LA single, on my own so it is pretty exciting and yeah its gets lonely but the beautiful thing is the loneliness pass’s and it teaches us how to appreciate the moments with others and it teaches us how to be alone with just are heart and mind. Heading out for a late dinner! food coma again! Grateful for life and family!


DAY 26 Sober

DAY 36 Sober


Stay connect with love,  Adolfo