DAY 25 SOBER: The Universe

Hello friends, today is Day 25 sober and I am so excited for my 30 days coming up. Not sure how to celebrate this coming moment but I am sure it will be amazing! I’d learn so much about myself, Alcoholism and how my mind works. I’ve been saying a lot of positive affirmations to myself through out the day and in the moments when the ISM (inside self and mind) of the Alcoholism comes out and tells me horrible things that then creates sad feelings. There is an app I will be downloading that wakes you up with positive affirmations kind of like and an alarm. 


Yesterday I spent most of my day at home depot, which is a Home Improvement store. I had to put up shelving; it was a first for me. I knew nothing about studs etc. I did not even own a drill, hammer, or stud finder. I was in a bit of annoyed mood my apartment was a mess For the past two day and I had hired to guys that didn’t understand how to do shelving. So I was already on the verge of tears when I realize I forgot my phone at Home Depot but my place was a mess so I was not 100 percent sure. My Alcoholism came out right away thinking the person I hired stole my phone but I had to stay calm and remind myself that if I didn’t find it I will be ok and I just need to stay sober and the rest will work out. My cell has a wallet case that had my Driver license, credit cards and a bus pass that was 75 bucks.


So the worker Luis told me I needed another item from home depot and that’s when I realized it was missing.  So I hurried to the store when I got there I asked the cashier, looked down the Aisle and still no phone.  I felt tears already but I told myself its ok to cry and grief for a bit but to surrender it to the universe and I’ll be ok. So I went to customer service to leave my name and number and my phone was waiting there! Once I accepted it and release it to the universe, the universe was ready to return what I was asking for. Not only did I get my phone back I was able to get the shelving up without the help of the hired work, that was a two day process. The universe is waiting for us to accept and release! I am so grateful I am in a space of clarity, living my truth, accepting, being-self aware and it will only stay this way if I continue to stay sober!


Stay connect with love, Adolfo