DAY 86 Sober: Sober Fun

Day 86 sober, Hello friends today has been a successful day planning some exciting stuff on the horizon. Today work was slow, it seemed all I did was eat. I really need to change my eating habits, I’ve lost over ten pounds since I stop drinking but I am eating tons of sugar and other junk foods. This is my intake so far today, king size Kit Kat, two slices of pizza, Fritos, diet coke, hot Cheetos, three cups of coffee, a donut…Blah when I write it down its kind of Embarrassing but I can change it.


I am getting close to my 90 days sober. I am very excited. I don’t have anything plan for the big day. I do work at my upcoming job but after that I might go write. 90 days without a thought of wanting to use, is a big deal. I already pass the count of my last relapse so that’s a huge deal but I have not craved any booze and I have been around it. It makes me feel gross to even think about it. My mind back then didn’t understand addiction and Alcoholism. Life is to fun to waste being drunk. I used to think there was know way I can have fun without a drink but I was so wrong because the fun I am having now is real, I can dance, ride bikes, go out to a club, have a great dinner party, game nights, concerts, BBQ and the beach. I am not missing out on anything. what is awesome,  I’ll be in the moment sober so Ill have more hours of fun because I do not pass out and I remember everything, in control of the outcome, that’s a beautiful thing. I know longer have to wake up with guilt, people hating me, hating myself, no shame, no I am sorry. If I had a penny for every sorry I spoke, I probably could buy a LA home cash. I am also becoming the real me so I am finding out I enjoy doing things I never did like playing sports.


I wake up now grateful, exited to see what the day brings and madly in love with myself. I don’t worry about others opinions or judgments because I know me. I Love meeting new people, getting to know their story. I want to learn constantly, from love to addiction to sex to food to poetry. I want to constantly be working to be whole, smart, and loving. In life I just want to be happy and have fun, life is to short to be unhappy. I found purpose in sobriety, there is a bigger picture. Addiction was put in my life for a reason, on my way to figuring it out, maybe it was to break this family cycle. The universe knew I was strong enough to do so. It ends with me or maybe to help others who struggle. Sober is the New Black. I am grateful for life, my awesome hat, Coffee, connections, and for the reader.


Stay connect with love, Adolfo


OneRepublic Good life, Yes it is going to be a good life from now on, just have to stay sober.