DAY 24 Sober: Is Good or Bad Real?

Hello friends its day 24 sober and I am back to the grind. I had such an amazing time back home, lots of food, love and great talks. My stepmother, aunt and myself stayed up late one night and had a necessary talk, I needed some clarity in the love part of my life and it came.  I heard exactly what I needed to move on, it will not be  easy but it will get easier and today was easier than yesterday. My family has been so supportive when it comes to my sobriety. I did not get any cravings for booze but there is a Mexican drink that’s called michelada or chavela that is really good. Its not really the beer that craved it was all the spices and tomato juice they put in. Not sure if they can make a virgin one but that has been the only craving but it passed with time. I’ve read that Alcoholism well the ISM can show up in different areas in your life, people can switch addictions to smoking, coffee and sex. So I have to watch my mind because I am very capable of all three. 


My Stepmother and aunts are very open-minded; self aware and positive mind watchers. We had a few discussions on if there is such thing as good and bad in life. Sometimes what we think is good for us is actually bad and sometimes what we think is bad for us is a great lesson.  I’m starting to believe the universe knows exactly what you need in your life so it gives you experiences not good nor bad just experiences so you can reach your full potential For example keying someone car wasn’t a bad thing because it thought me so much about myself and it brought me self awareness with my issues.  A week after that incident my car was keyed so I do believe in Karma whatever energy you put out you will get of good nor bad.   The universe already knows what I need for me to reach my full potential I just have to see the signs and be aware be in tune with what the



What if a lady is being abuse by her husband and one day she leaves then because going through all that she opens up this shelter that saves 1000 of woman from there abuser? So was going through that relationship a really bad or was it suppose to happen so she can save 1000 of lives. This are just thoughts in my head, just trying to figure out. Another example is two sisters living with an alcoholic mother who beats them both. One grows up to become successful doctor and one becomes a horrible addict. And if you asked them “ what shaped your life into what it is today?” and they answer their mother. So was growing up with their mother a good thing or bad thing?

 Is it how we see the world; with are mind?  that there is no bad nor good just how we see the situation? I leave it at that.

I am grateful for being sober and for all of you! Thank you so much

Stay connect with love, Adolfo