DAY 7 Sober: Game Plan

Hello my friends! Its been a whole week since I had my last sip, It was a whiskey and ginger ale. I was stumbling down western calling uber, Poor uber driver, god only knows how that turned out but  I am so excited to be sober. The support from everybody has been so Refreshing and much appreciated.  My brother, his wife, my niece and nephew came out to visit . It was so nice being around family. We went and had lunch at pinks.  Most of my family lives in Palm Springs or Bakersfield. I am the only one out here in LA. I do miss them all the time but LA has been so amazing and life changing… this is my home.


Somebody wise today ask me what is my game plan ? I did not get the question right away.  Then I realize what  she was saying, life will get tough.  People will pass away or trauma will happen again . How will I deal with life sober When life starts testing my courage I need a game plan. My life has to co exists with alcohol, I have to be ok with being around it. I think for me the key is to surround myself with supportive love ones and remind myself what kind of person I was when I was treating my disorder with alcohol. I also need incorporate healthy outlets like running, bike riding and meditation. I enjoy all three of those Healthy activities, they also help me clear my mind.  My writings also has help me a ton. It important to allow yourself time to grief and not hold it in. I need to always be focusing on my Spiritual growth, being grateful and also giving which i don’t do as often as I should.


This weekend going to be a huge step for me, Ill be signing a new lease for my own apt in LA.  Ive been kinda like a nomad after my split Back in november. Well we broke up in November but didn’t really stop you know until February so i say February my ex might disagree but anyways. Its just a huge final step that is exciting and scary.  It’s in the same building just across the hall so it’ll be an easy move.  I am so grateful for being sober and the universe has been so kind since i’ve been living my truth. thank you all again


Stay connect with love, Adolfo