Day 17 Sober: Loneliness

Hello friends, Today is 17 day sober. Mondays always seem like a drag lately. I am still trying to get use to being up at at 340am everyday. I have always been a night person but love being off so early I still have a full day. The past few days I have felt a bit lonely. Ive been keeping busy working, writing Sober is the New Black also hanging with friends but still very lonely. 


Not sure why i feel such isolation, I know its an issue that i have to deal with. Its rooted in my childhood, I need to pull that weed out but i am not sure where is begins. or maybe loneliness is part of the process in just being with yourself so you can heal your wounds because in reality you have to be alone and clear minded to really became self aware and maybe loneliness is fear i have to overcome. I do not lack anything, everything already is inside of me, love, talent, hope, joy, god. Nobody can give me anything that already have.


I think it has to do with me getting out of 3 year relationship, I miss companionship the most and a few other things. The reality is I still really miss vince and I am still really in love. I don’t know how or when these feelings will fade but i need to stay focus on me right now and really be the best i can be so when that day comes i can be ready to be in love again.  So loneliness is ok, Ill be fine i just have to stay focus on my longterm goals, staying sober and healing myself. 



Stay connect with love, Adolfo