DAY 111 Sober Quote

“Sometimes you have to #share to heal whats in you. It might not inspire millions, it might even make people upset but don’t let anyone take away that courages moment of you #sharing.”


Adolfo Vasquez

DAY 77 Sober: FEAR- Motivational Video

Hello friends, today is end of day 77 sober and I have another film from Mateusz M.  His videos are so powerful, Fear has been the biggest blockade in my life but now I want to face every fear head on, its necessary for me to if i want live life. Fear is created by me so I can change the fear. When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.  Work on that dream. Don’t let fear stop you from greatness. Even if theres no evidence around you, don’t give up. Steps climbs mountains. Sober is the New Black. hope this video helps.


Stay connect with love, Adolfo

DAY 74 Sober: VISION – Motivational Video

Hello Friends Its End of day 74 Sober, and I came across another film from Mateusz M and its all about your Vision that connects with me on so many levels. On May 24 2104 I was in bed crippled by addiction and this Vision Of Sober Is the New Black came to me, the essence of it came. I created the domain earlier but wasn’t aware of my addiction. Fall forward, every mistake I make now is going to be a lesson so I don’t fall back only falling forward.  Live moving forward. Sometimes to Achieve greatness you have to endure pain. This was birth from pain. When I looked around me I didn’t see anything that looked like success but I realize success starts in the mind in a vision. Sober is the New Black. Hope this Video helps

Stay connect with love, Adolfo