DAY 124 Sober: The One For me

Hello friends today are day 124 sober. I am in a Korea-town, LA. My favorite place to write. It’s has some amazing café’s and it feels like home. Yesterday was four months sober and I did not realize it until it was already late into the night. Days fly by and I am very grateful.


I started this blog with the intent to write my feelings on a day-to-day basis so I can see my growth in sobriety and not really having a vision on where it was going, it grew into poems and a book. Sober for me is the only way I can create love and art. I know with every cell in my body I will never drink again. I also want people to know you can be a recovery addict and still have a great life without that coping poison. Not only a great life but also dreams are so real and a sober mind will get you to there. I also think in society there is a stigma that people think because you are sober you can’t have fun or be around others who drink and for me that’s not the case. also i want kids to know you don’t have to get wasted on the weekends, go create art.  I Want people to see me as a person first, a human that was sick but now in recovery remission. Those people who are suffering are not bad people they are amazing souls that have dreams but are sick. No person decides to become an addict or as a child saying that’s what they want to be when they grow up. I am so grateful that I found me and found my inner divine. Life is to short and amazing to not heal myself. I know great things are on the horizon. My road before recovery was hard but I made it and I am not dead. Like any normal human we all have hard days and that’s ok we are allowed to but with a strong awareness we can get through anything in life.


My name Adolfo and I have a disease that is in remission but if you see past that. I am also a writer, a food lover, I love film, tattoos, music, I love bowling and tennis. I want to be the best person everyday. My laugh is a bit dorky, I am clueless about most stuff, I never had a s’more until recently, I have amazing aunts, brothers and stepmother. I am Mexican and German and I don’t speak either. I hate morning hikes but will do it and complain most of the time but be happy at the end. I want to love and be in love, I have dreams of silver screens. There is this whole other side that is worth knowing. If you like to. An addict is not the disease, just like someone isn’t his or her diabetes. The symptoms of the disease are different but its still a disease. Some people have hard days with diabetes but overcome it.


I know I have hurt friends, family and ex but I cannot change those things. I can only help heal their hearts the best I can. They have been there when I had fallen; the least I can do is help in anyway to help heal them. With some old friends I just need a chance, just once chance to show them how amazing this new me is. I can help them through those uneasy feelings by showing them with my actions but I need a chance to and if not, that’s ok. Nothing can take away my sobriety.



No matter where life takes me, there is someone who will always have a corner of my heart. Sober is the New Black.






Sober is the New Black

Stay connect with love. Adolfo Vasquez 


Wild Child “Pillow talk”  Enuff said.