DAY 73 Sober: Learning Something New Everyday

Hello friends, today is day 73 sober, I just woke up from an amazing nap, I could have slept more but I need to get up and write. Writing for me has been such a helpful healer. Also I also love the fact I can go back if I need to remind myself or reflect. Writing has force me to go deep and heal my inner self, and has cleared my mind. People have been reaching out from all over the world, people who are in recovery and people who have family members who are currently suffering. There a few that do not understand Sober is the New Black but I can’t waste energy on people who are committed to not understanding me. I am grateful for all the people who are sharing their stories. They are my teachers and I’m up for learning.  I am at a busy cafe near downtown LA. Yesterday I was here and a coffee shop boy saw me writing away, he walked over pulled up a chair and asked me what is it that I was writing. That never happens, I was shocked and coffee’d up so a bit nervous. I was working on my series of addiction poems. He wanted to read them; I love readers so I let him. I need to see the reader point of the poem and she if my point came across. He said they were dark I can see that. He also mentioned he seen me before ordering coffee and I should cheer up a bit. Which is surprising because I am usually smiling. I told him I was either tired or focus. He wasn’t bad on the eyes and we chatted the rest of the night. He actually works at the coffee shop. That Incident got me thinking; on how far into a meeting someone new do I let them know I am in recovery. Should it be the first thing I mention and should I prepare for ignorant questions, which is fine not everyone understands it. 

I want everybody to know the space I am in and they can choose if that’s ok with them but if not than oh well. I know I am only 73 days sober but I was wondering if it’s easier to date someone in recovery, do two addicts mix well. I also cant put to much thought into it, I have to let the universe do its job and I cant help who I fall for. That guy was really nice and made me laugh the whole time, which are pluses.  No digit’s, need to focus on myself. I wouldn’t mind a cuddle buddy. Companionship is something I miss about being with someone. Let them know how my day went. Today I found out I am a great basketball player. I want to start trying new things and a friend was playing so I decided why not, I have great shooting technique and made most of the 3 pointers. I am five four, gay, and inactive so finding that out was so empowering! I will continue to play basketball. I love workouts that don’t seem like workouts, tennis, Racquetball, and swimming. Now I can add Basketball. For A brief moment my father force me into little league, which was horrible experience. Sober is the New black. I am grateful for my friend the reader, for basketball and for that coffee shop boy who took time out his life to bring me a




Stay connect with love, Adolfo


Fleetwood Mac Landslide is amazing and just wanted to add it to this post. Love me some Stevie Nicks