DAY 43 Sober: Sober Night Out

Hello friends today is day 43 Sober and its been an amazing day so far! Sober weekends are pretty amazing, no hangover, no regrets, no crazy nights, remembering the night before and making amazing memories!v We just got back from Long beach, ca. The beach was pretty awesome, its was a dog beach.  Dogs are so cute and full of pure love, I have such a connection with dogs. The weather was perfect. Tonight  I will be dancing away with my childhood friend for her Birthday. She is so fun and loves to dance! I love to dance. So tonight West Hollywood it is.  This will be the first time ill be going out Sober. I am single and in need of some fun! Maybe ill find a cute boy to dance with. Today I asked my higher power to guided me Throughout the day, I know my higher power and the universe is on my side, I just have to stay sober and focus!

I am grateful for my friends, love, Sobriety and for Sober is the New Black. 

Stay Connect with love, Adolfo

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