DAY 28 Sober: My love for Film

Hello friends today is day 28 sober and I am still on a Sober high from last night. Clint Eastwood was a few feet away from me talking about his latest film Jersey Boy. Jersey is the story of Italian singer Frankie Valli life from rags to riches kind of film. It’s a sort of a musical. One of my favorite film was “Bridges Over Madison County” my Stepmother introduce it to me when I was younger. Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood are perfection. Such a classic, Meryl has an affair with a photographer, I have a thing for photographers. Everybody should watch this film. I wont give anymore away. I have always loved dramas and love stories at a young age. I am hopeless romantic, falling headfirst and taking risk. The Next love I have I defiantly will be using my mind and heart! Clint Eastwood started acting in film in his early 30′ s in the 60s.  It’s never to late to follow your dream. 


I grew up in a chaotic childhood and film was my outlet, my hour and a half peace from reality. It took me away into a fairytale; it still does till this day. That’s why I prefer to watch film alone with just my mind and heart so I can fully connect and not have any distraction. I try and watch a film a day maybe more. I always force myself to finish even if I am not connecting to it because I know how much work goes into it and I know its someone child and I have yet to create one so I have so much respect, I do however pass out from time to time if it gets a bit boring.  Film inspires me in every aspect of my life even when I am not watching it. I carry film with me wherever I go. I do love all kinds of genres but I tend to lean more to dark, heartbreaking, foreign, independent film. The kind of films that is sometime hard to watch, maybe because I can relate to the pain.



Alcoholism took away my passion for film. It went form having a couple glasses of wine and a French film on a daily basis to a half of box a wine with no memory of the film. At a young age I always wanted to be in film into my high school years than life happen, other people doubting my talent, my mind and Addiction. The amazing thing is that passion and dreams never goes away it just gets buried so when you become sober that dream shoots out like a shooting star because it has been buried and deprive for so long. That shooting star can never be buried once it’s out. I feel like my dream for film kept hope going for me when I was younger. So I hope one day my films can give a child hope to continue. My dreams got me through my childhood and I am certain it will keep me on the right path into my new Sobriety. Sober is the New Black

Sidenote: I will be uploading a video I shot of MR Eastwood himself later on



Stay Connect with love, Adolfo