DAY 26 Sober: Film Festival Dinner

Hello  friends just took a break in between films. I needed some food. This festival so far has inspired me to start  filming shorts. Going to check out a local camera store and start investing in my dreams.  Now that i am sober My passion for film and writing is coming back and its coming back like a flood! I deprived myself  for so long that my list is so long but one thing at a time. I am currently at toms urban having some comfort food with a diet coke! Last time i was here it was a mess! Cravings are not in my space.

I saw a film called Club Sandwich from Mexico. It was a bit slow for my taste and I don’t mind slow but even my triple shot  macchiato could not keep me up but the end got really good Overall uncertain terms takes the cake so far. About to close out and head to watch a film called MAN FROM RENO its a crime, mystery, thriller from Japan. 


Comfort food!

Comfort food!

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