DAY 18 Sober: Reflecting

Hello Friends Today is my 18-day sober and I am feeling really good. I’ve been writing and keeping my thoughts in check. I wake up now still sleepy but excited for the day! Alcoholism is something I struggled with since my early 20’s. My addiction progress from a few drunken arguments and endless amounts of puking into Crashing cars and Arrest, I started to realize that alcoholism isn’t in the booze it centers in the mind of the addict. It cant go away but I believe we can become self aware and the disorder can loose its power and we can gain control over are minds and body. The disorder also lives in the body and craves the booze and creates the withdrawals, the mind for me is where my Alcoholism is most effective.


 Alcoholism kills everything alive and Preserves everything that is dead in my life. It stunts my growth and kept me from living a joyful life but the beauty is that I am aware of it now.  I have to make the right choices and surround myself with the positive energy.  As I get closer to my 30days I get filled with gratitude that I was able to get to this moment alive and without seriously injuring someone. I know that if I continue to stay on the sober path the universe will open doors for me. Addiction is very hard but it doesn’t matter how low your bottom is or how bad your story is you can always create a new one.

Thank you again for reading Sober is the new Black!

Stay connect with love, Adolfo

2 thoughts on “DAY 18 Sober: Reflecting

  1. Never say ‘if’ you continue to stay on the sober path. You’ve made it this far, you will continue because you are aware and you know it is possible. You have made intelligent choices. I am looking forward to the book that comes out of all of this. 🙂 The men in my family were addicts. My bio father was an alcoholic. My half brother died from doing hard drugs at 20. From an early age I realized there was an addictive gene inside of me and I stayed away from things that could harm me. It has reared it’s ugly face elsewhere in my life but not in a detrimental way.

    Much Respect and Prayer

    • Hey..Glad you caught that, I didn’t realize i wrote “if”. maybe subconsciously for a moment the alcoholic disorder came out. Thanks for sharing your story and kind words! Adolfo a blogger, writer and soon to be author! love it! I wont allow anything to take away how far i have come already!

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