DAY 18 Sober: Nightmare Withdrawals?

Hello Friends, 18 day sober and going strong, Today has been a great day. Ended my second job today which is such an amazing thing now it allows more writing and gives me time to focus on my long term goals. I am currently seating in a korean cafe that has the best coffee, tons of natural light and art.  The last few days Ive been so Exhausted from work, writing Sober is the new Black and trying to have a life. Ive been taking 3hr naps during the afternoon lately and i’ve been having intense nightmares that either wake me up or when i wake up i am in a funk that consist of deep sadness that last anywhere from 1 hr to 3 hrs. The dreams usually involves people I know suddenly passing away or my ex Flaunting a new love in front of me. I know its a dream but it so real that I wake up still feeling that same exact pain that I felt in the dream.  The first week of getting sober I would wake up trying to catch my breath. I wonder if these are withdrawals


So I did some research on getting sober and nightmares .. Nightmares are a very common symptom in Sobriety, they suggest low brain activity the last hour before sleep. No computer usage which is hard because I prefer to sleep with my lab top over anything even men! I am more creative at night and get most of ideas for Sober is the Black and I also write nonfiction stories that always comes alive at night. So its a bit of a dilemma but over all without health there is no writing so ill need to find a healthy medium. I also love dark film and Tv shows. From Gasper Noe to John Waters my nonfiction is inspired by them.


Also i heard Alcohol Destroys Vitamin D so maybe i need to start taking a multi vitamin that always push off until i get sick. I am sure this will pass in time. Thank you all for continuing this journey with me. I will be video blogging tonight.. I might post it tomorrow or tonight. Everybody be safe! Thank you universe for the strength to carry on into  my new normal!

One thought on “DAY 18 Sober: Nightmare Withdrawals?

  1. Hello,
    It’s me again. 🙂
    A vitamin is excellent regardless. I went through an accident this past summer, head injury, amnesia. The vitamin has helped in various ways.
    Have you thought about a quick workout right before bed? It’s mindless and also tires you out. Not like an extreme anything but just something simple that can get you a little tired.
    Much Respect and Much Prayer

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