DAY 17 Sober: Cleaning house

Hello friends, just finish dinner. Today was a great day so far. I had a 3hour nap felt really good but I woke up in a bit of a bad mood. I usually wake up in a good mood, maybe there is a lot of stuff on my mind and once I am awake tons of thoughts are waiting to greet me. I need to clear my mind a bit.  Part of my healing is stop doing stuff I dislike doing.  So I am leaving my second job it caused a lot of stress and took a lot of energy out of me. So my last day is today and the boss just text me tons of stuff to do before I leave. I don’t want to leave the company in a bind so I will but that’s the last thing you want to see after a beautiful nap! OK no more complaining for me, if I feel the need to, I will only for moments. I have to remind myself life is so short and even a few moments of complaining is such a waste and can be focus on my amazing progress!


There is a lot of things I am going to cut out of my life, Including certain hangout spots like beer belly and franks, no need to put myself in the past!! Only looking to the future Also wine glass are out the door alongside my hat that reads BEER, which was my favorite but BEER is no longer part of my life. Certain people have to be flushed from my new amazing life, still love them but need to love me above all.  I need to create a clear sphere that I stay in at all times that nothing negative can penetrate form the world and keep love, joy, gratefulness, mindful thoughts, and sober flowing in and out into the universe. The more I am sober I realize addiction was placed in my life for a reason, maybe because the universe new I was strong enough to end this family disorder! I am David and alcoholism is the goliath. I know this battle has just begun but I know I will never stop fighting.  Addiction is in my life for reason I truly believe that maybe it’s a blessing of some sort that I am unaware of it at the moment. When you are in the battle you don’t see the long term rewards but I know the rewards are so huge my small tiny eyes cant see it at the moment and its so delicate only dogs and cats can hear it! I will one day!

 I want to end with if there is anyone out there who reads this who is suffering I stand with you. You are an amazing soul that has so much potential lets find Ares together and make Sober the new Black



Stay connect with love, Adolfo


4 thoughts on “DAY 17 Sober: Cleaning house

  1. Removing negativity and stress is definitely a must and an intelligent decision. I have taught youth in the past that stress and dealing with the emotional effort of it all is more physically draining than running a marathon, not that I would know about running one of those, but I know I am wiped out after passing through the negative zone. Right mind helps see beauty all around and the positive in life.
    Much Respect and Much Prayer

  2. I am so glad to hear that you are taking more and more positive steps with your life. You are in my prayers.

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