DAY 97 Sober: Me the Co Creator of My Life

Hello friends, today is day 97 sober it has been amazing. Its getting close to 100 days of sober (hint, hint). As I get deeper into being sober, I am realizing sobriety cant fix everything in life but it helps to deal with life. Sobriety for me is dealing with life with what I got.  I have to make sure my mind is capable of healing on its own without substance. Life will get hard, people close to me will pass, I will fall down, get heart broken and maybe even make huge errors that are lessons to be learn.  But I am SOBER and that my friend will help me see the lessons I need to learn. Help me go inside and fix my wounds. Cope with people passing or even me getting sick. Growing up I was never taught  how to cope with the world and my feelings. I am so bless, to be alive to see the stuff that needs to be tuned up. I am 28 years old and sober.  I know they say take it one day at a time but my dream are no longer filled with milestones of money, my dreams are me receiving a cake from my home group for 30 years sober. That my friend is possible but the strength it takes to achieve that and the lessons to get there are unimaginable. I want to always inspire people from within themselves. Everybody matters, take my ego out and I am him or her. 


I just have to stay connected with my higher power and me the co creator of life. Most of the time when I write these post I start to cry because I now how much tears, pain and work it took me to get here, in this moment, I have to stay grateful and Clear minded. Every moment sober is a gift, The moment on stage winning an Oscar will be the same as when I stop and look at a rose from a garden, both took the same work and effort to be sober for that moment to happen so both are equal.  People always talk about a pink cloud but I broaden my pink cloud to allow me to be human because even the worse day sober is a pink cloud because I am feeling life how a human should. For me it all comes down to my mind and being positive. It doesn’t happen over night. Its like a skill you have to work to become great, like a muscle the more you use it the stronger it gets. So even hardest moments feels like breeze. Sober is the New Black. I am grateful for people with more days than me who create a path of wisdom to help me become wise. For people with less days Than me who inspire me to inspire them.  For the wisdom I gain in the past 97 days sober that helps me create from within. For all the online support and for people who I stare at daily who are seeing me blossom from the Adolfo that’s always been afraid into only brave.



Stay connect with love Adolfo Vasquez


Demi Lovato Skyscraper, Life can get so bad but i will standing on my feet tall like a Sober Skyscraper

DAY 47 Sober: Healthy Crying

Hello friend’s day 47 sober has arrived and I am feeling positive! Today I start a workout routine; I am pretty active now days but I don’t have a solid routine. I want a whole mind body and soul shift. AA is a program for my recovery form Alcohol-ism (Inside Self  & Mind) and I have started a life program which involves Reading and listening to spiritual teachers. Looking inward so I can find out what caused my issues, if I don’t find the cause (root) of my issues than it would surface in another areas of my life. Getting in touch with my emotions and learning how to feel and endure pain. Overcoming my fears and letting go. Getting to know my higher power and loving myself! 


Everything has changed in my life since I got sober, even the way I cry. Its going to be hard to explain but ill try my best. When I get sad a thought surfaces that cause the feeling of sadness than the thought leaves with the sadness and once that leaves my body just starts crying without me blinking or trying or thinking it just starts. It only last for a few moments and when it ends. I am happy again without those past feelings of sadness. My body is meant to grieve and move on. Before I would harper on the sadness causing pain while I cry and sitting with it, crying for hours. Now it just flows naturally without trying. It happened in public a few times I was kind of shocked the first time.  I did not try and stop the tears they eventually stop on their own.  Maybe Its because I am becoming self aware and its teaching me the right way to grieve. Crying is a great tool for me to relieve my mind and soul; it’s like a form of detoxing. I still have a long way to go but I know I am on the right path because I feel the universe presence at all times! I am grateful for this blog Sober is the New Black and for my progress so far!


Stay connect with love, Adolfo