DAY 96 Sober: The best I can Be

Hello friends today is day 96 sober, it’s been a great day so far. I feel like I need more reading in my life, going to look for newly sober book. With every day that passes my love for myself gets stronger and what used to hurt me or anger me, no longer does. The Only thing that matters is how I feel about myself, I need to constantly be working towards creating a better me, do what works best for me. In the past I got sober for all the wrong reason, hence my relapse.


 I celebrate being sober everyday like a birthday even if I am sad because I am coping with life. That’s amazing me dealing with life, I used to run from issues now I cut right true them. Getting to know myself is a great feeling, knowing what I want, what I need to work on, Instead of trying to be perfect, I am learning how to become more human. I don’t believe in mistakes I feel like the universe knows exactly what I need to experience so I can learn and grow. Lesson may not be seen right away but they will blossom at some point. Today living in a state of gratefulness is keeping me sober and being aware of the mental disorder, that voice that is losing its power as I write these words down.


 Life seems very simple in sobriety not that chaos of drunken stumbles. Everything is flowing like that river. Just be the best I can be and the universe will work the rest. My brother Andrew will be moving out to LA sometime next week or so, very excited to have my brother out here, so much opportunity out here for him. Are home town is a great place to retire but not for finding your passion. I’ll never go back, it just memory filled. Not the ones I’d like to remember. People that want to see me make an effort I am grateful for that, those are the ones that have always made an effort as I do as well. Change is great opportunity whether change is wanted or not. My brother moving out here won’t affect my goals or my sobriety, my mind is clear. There are rules already in place that he is aware of, no booze or drugs allowed in my home period. I hope this move can give my brother some growth and long terms goals, anything is possible in life, you just have to want it really bad and work towards it with a positive mindset. Sober is the New Black. I am grateful for books, family, friends, love and making connections with people.


Stay connect with Love, Adolfo Vasquez

Fitz and the Trantrums Moneygrabber is dedicated to the booze. Don’t come back you are no longer welcome in this home, you already blinded me in the past



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