DAY 95 Sober: Whatever will be will be

Hello friends, today is day 95 sober, yesterday I was feeling a bit sick but it’s from tiredness. I started working two jobs, writing and having a life is possible but it can be tiresome but sobriety is number one. Today I am feeling great! I went and got a haircut. I’ve been in bars and clubs, around friends and family who drink. Old places and new places still no need or want for that whiskey kiss. My mind loves this sober state; it was malnourish for so long. I now have nightmares of one day hanging out with friends and I accidently pick up their soda instead of mine and there is booze in it. That’s how focus I am in not ever drinking. Drinking is now a Nightmare. It feels good be coherent and not living in the past. I am learning to be focus yet not so hard and tense to allow greatness to flow out.



It no longer crosses my mind when I am around it, I forget people are drinking around me, it’s like the booze loss it power when I became aware of mind disorder. I am to focus on connection with people over what they are drinking. I am kind of the same me just a better version. I still love late night food runs, dancing, even making out but just sober. I am learning not everything physical around me has to change just my mind has to change. I see things differently now. I am also finding new love in things I never done before. New fun if you can call it; Like poetry, long walks and basketball. I don’t miss my old life anymore; I do miss the people but not my state of mind I was in. My body is looking great too. Overall I am exactly were I need to be. I no longer live in what if I would have done that differently. I accept the things I cannot change, change the things I can, and create the wisdom to now the difference. I just want to be better than I was yesterday and so on. Sober is the New Black


Stay connect with love Adolfo Vasquez

Doris Day whatever will be will be is perfect for this post, Que Sera Sera




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