DAY 64 Sober: Keep on Keep on

Hello Friends today is day 64 sober, My sleep was not the best last night, I stayed up tossing and turing a bit. My mind was going and going. So I am a bit sleepy today but no midday naps today, going to stay up and head to bed early. I finish a few of my poems yesterday for my series, very excited to share once I finish the rest. So after work ill be heading to my new favorite coffee shop. My goal is to finish 3, the series is 12. All about my struggle with addiction. Still no cravings or missing the booze. I am trying to stay in the moment with positive thoughts and thats been helping. People are asking me about my 12 step program, yes i do have a program i am working and its the foundation of my recovery and i add other spiritual practices to help. Steps 1, 2 ,3  I do every day and I am currently on step four. Step four for me is taking a bit longer and I know am exactly were I need to be in my recovery. Surrounded with positive people and positive vibes. Removing everything toxic.

My previous attempt to get sober was very painful and I fought tooth and nail to not accept the fact that i was an addict. I believe I had a drinking issue and once i healed my past issues than I can drink. I didn’t  know that thinking was the untreated Alcoholism talking, trying to survive. Glad I am now self Aware of the Alcoholism in my mind and it that helps me with the steps. Steps are very clear once my mind is clear. Sober is the new Black. I am grateful for life,  12 steps and for having a clear mind.



Stay connect with love, Adolfo

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