DAY 28 Sober: Clint Eastwood video

Hello friends Day 28 sober, My friday night will consist of me cleaning my apartment which has been disregard for the past week . Ive been wiring and have not had time for anything expect the few hours of sleep, work, film, writing, bathroom, and a meal! so next week I have to find a balance and maybe a social life. So tonight I start by cleaning and listing to some music Before I end i wanted to upload  a video that I shot from last night LA film festival. The audio is so bad so you need to turn up your volume but I had to upload it! Its one of those moments that will be with me forever, Glad I was in the right state of mind to be grateful. I looked up to this man my whole life I never thought coming from were i did ill be sitting in the same room with him. Sobriety is a beauty!


Stay connect with love, Adolfo


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