DAY 27 Sober: Jersey Boy Clint Eastwood

Hello friends . I just left the film 1000 times good night and a staff member just handed me a free voucher for a Clint Eastwood new film Jersey boy.. So that means ill be in the same room with Clint Eastwood watching his film that hasn’t been released! Before I left my apartment I wasn’t even sure ill be able to see it let alone see it for free. Ill be watching with the cast ..Such an amazing gift from the universe, I am so grateful, and to Vince for this amazing experience. Sober is the new black!

Stay connect with love, Adolfo


3 thoughts on “DAY 27 Sober: Jersey Boy Clint Eastwood

  1. U deserve it been working hard on our recovery, U say the “universe” I say “Our Lord” is watching over U! ❤️👼! Stay strong Mijo!

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