DAY 13 Sober: Self Control

Hello today is day 13 sober and it’s around 5am. I am a bit tired but feeling excited to be sober and very grateful. The past few days have been pretty awesome. I’ve been trying to eat better and trying to stay active. I want my mind, body and soul to become healthy all around. My mental disorder Alcoholism is alive, last night I caught mind making up scenarios that have not even occurred and it was negative. It was taking away a great moment of my surpassing 1000 views. Alcoholism wants to destroy everything great so the only thing you have is the booze. You have to be a mind watcher. I was able to shut it down quick. 


Since I have gotten sober I am realizing that Addicts Lack self control. I tend find something I like then want it everyday until I get sick of it for example Recently I’ve been loving Sushi and I have been eating it everyday for the past couple of weeks and that is a lack of self control. Self-control is a muscle that can be worked and strengthen. My self-control has gotten a lot better from my Alcoholic days. In the past I would be easily influence by instant gratification. I should have been focus on long term gratifications.  We have self-control to obtain goals in life and I had zero! No real goals except to over drink. I would tell myself I am not going to drink for two days and then I would go on a two-week binge. That vicious cycle went on for years. 


I need to train my brain, Meditation actually trains your Brian to become a self-control machine and it improves your Emotional intelligence.  Even simple techniques like mindfulness, which involves taking as little as five minutes a day to focus on nothing more than your breathing and your senses, improves your self-awareness and your brain’s ability to resist destructive impulses. I also need to Sleep more, eat better, workout because this helps your mind build self-control. Also I need to just let the craving come and go. Cravinsg last about 10 min and if you fail pick your self up and forgive yourself.


Life is a beautiful ride that has ups and downs but if you fall in love with life the ride wont be so bad. 

Stay connect with love, Adolfo

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