DAY 1 Sober

DAY 1 Sober, I am not scared anymore.. The pain of staying the same is worst then the pain it takes to change!  I am missing out on wonderful experiences and love.. My body is an amazing temple that needs to be treated that way … Everything that was once thriving and amazing was destroy by ALCOHOL.  I am now left, broken, lonely, in mental and physical pain, sad, guilty, ashamed… I want to be free from this battle,  free from my past,  free to live, love, be in love.. Some of my greatest teachers in life have been some of the hardest moments.. There is a man who i lost because of this battle.  The universe brought him into my life, This man had the courage to fight for me when i didn’t even have arms to fight. With his love i was able to grow arms to fight this battle. I believe the universe took him away so now i can fight this battle… I am the only one who can win this battle.  What seems like an impossible fight of ADDICTION….. Addiction is scary, what seems endless, and so this is my journey of staying sober, the ups and downs, tears and joys, living the LA life sober and why is it i want to abuse myself and countless others who are in my life…I hope you join me on this Life mission to finding my truth and becoming whole not perfect but whole for the moment.  Fear has always stopped me from living and my mind has an infection that needs to be healed that was condition from a dark past. I want to shine a spotlight on Addiction and hopefully i can help a person who might be struggling as i do on a daily basis. This will Be my daily blog that will consist of daily updates and weekly videos and hopefully one day for me SOBER IS THE NEW BLACK!

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