Day 265 Sober: A Sober Valentine

Today is Day 265 sober; it’s been such a wonderful day. Tomorrow is valentine’s days. Last year I was in a sober facility in the valley trying to stay sober with a broken heart. I was confused, but I knew I wanted to be sober, but I relapsed a short time after because I did not know how to stop and I wasn’t at my bottom. When I look back I feel bad for my old self. I was trying to keep all together, just got out of 3-year relationship, Losing love was more difficult than staying sober. I had really nowhere to go, lost, scared and felt very defeated in life. I disliked myself in every way. Swimming in a river of guilt. Lonely to the extreme.

I now sit here in tears because I’ve come so far in my recovery; life is great in every aspect of my life. My rent is paid for the rest of the year. I am taking 5 months off of work to write, rewrite and live like a traveling nomad. Started investing in mutual funds for the future. Working on my book that will be finish in April 2015 I am still not the person I want to be but I will continue on in sobriety. I want to be more compassionate to others, less attach to material things, let go of needs, pray more, write more, live in the moment more, help others whether in service or poetry, surround myself with only positive and mindful people, take some creative writing class. So those are my short-term goals. I am also very inspired by dark and gritty might be from my past. I love using it in my writings. I do have some dark writings I’ve been working on; I don’t want to alarm people so I might just post them on Instagram and facebook. You can follow me at

This valentine’s day I’ll be spending it with an incredible man who wants to take me on a date, excited and a bit nervous. Sober is the New Black. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines day and know the most important love is for oneself.

These are some of the latest poems I cooked up








Me at day 264 Sober

Adolfo Vasquez




Lykke Li is one incredible artist, writer and performer. Her music inspires me to feel, weep and heal. I hope you love this visually striking video




Stay connect with love, Adolfo Vasquez

DAY 87 Sober: Why Do We Fall – Motivational Video

Hello Friends, End of day 87 sober. I can never take a day off of growth and trying to be a better me. No Matter how hard life gets. Fear is an illusion created by are mind so we have the power to destroy it. We can destroy every negative thing we create in are mind. Pain will happen and but it will subside, if i quit it will last forever. Protect that dream, go get it, don’t be afraid. Everybody has failed at a some point but keep going don’t stop. Keep moving forward.  Fight for the light so you can see your way out of hell. Sober is the New black.




Stay connect with love, Adolfo Vasquez

DAY 77 Sober: FEAR- Motivational Video

Hello friends, today is end of day 77 sober and I have another film from Mateusz M.  His videos are so powerful, Fear has been the biggest blockade in my life but now I want to face every fear head on, its necessary for me to if i want live life. Fear is created by me so I can change the fear. When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.  Work on that dream. Don’t let fear stop you from greatness. Even if theres no evidence around you, don’t give up. Steps climbs mountains. Sober is the New Black. hope this video helps.


Stay connect with love, Adolfo


Hello friends today is coming to an end of day 52 sober. Today has been such an amazing day. I have a great nap and I am feeling well rested. Maya Angelou is perfection to me, Her poems resonate with my soul. Every word, speaks to me. Its does not matter where you are from or the story you have lived, We are connected.  Her Inspiring words carry me through out my day among other influences. If i am ever feeling a bit blue or just need a pick me up for my soul, I RISE From Maya Angelou helps me go deep and find my inner smile, my inner tiger, my inner Adolfo. I am so grateful for her life and her words. Sober is the New Black has been such an amazing journey so far. I hope you guys enjoy this video below. Maya Angelou I rise.



Stay connect with love, Adolfo