DAY 33 Sober: Lady GaGa “Dope”

Hello friends today is day 33 sober and I am sitting at a cafe near my apartment on a hot day inn LA. I moved from Koreatown to near downtown area. I don’t mind it but do miss all my little spots.  I came across this song last night Lady GaGa “Dope” and it was really good. It reminds me that Alcohol-ISM hurts tons of people involved and I need to stay focus on my long term go and heal. Im about to start the list in a moment. Here are some amazing lyrics and what I think they mean. This song is for everyone Ive hurt because of my Alcohol-ISM disorder! Family, friends,and loved ones


“The party’s just begun / I promise this / This drink is my last one / I know that I f–ked up again / Because I lost my only friend.”

Her habits and addictions caused her to lose something more special and more important than dope, like her relationship, friends, or family


“My heart would break without you / Might not awake without you / Been hurting low, from living high for so long / I’m sorry, and I love you / Sing with me / ‘Bell Bottom Blue’ / I’ll keep searching for an answer cause I need you more than dope.”

” Bell bottom blue” is an Eric Clapton and Derek and the Dominos reference

“One last puff / And two last regrets / Three spirits  / And 12 lonely steps / Up heaven’s stairway to gold… / Oh, I feel so low from living high.”

indulges one last time in drink and drugs, and hits that path to recovery. She’s already feeling the effects of withdrawal and she’s not stoked about letting go of her dependencies, because they are tough to kick and they do provide a chemical comfort. But sometimes, you just gotta. To us, it sounds like she is facing the prospect of letting go of something powerful — be it dope or love. Perhaps this is her final kiss with her lover.


Stay connect with love,  Adolfo