2 thoughts on “Sober Thought

  1. Adolfo, thank you for your writing. I wanted to let you know someone out there (I am in NYC) was reading your words and feeling inspired. 🙂 (I’m 4 years sober and my brother just got out of rehab so he’s joined me!). Your writing is powerful and so are YOU. Best, Amanda

    • Congrats Amanda, on four years! And your brother. Two of my brothers are currently suffering and i hope they find the courage inside like your amazing brother has. Everyday gets brighter and everyday i find something new about myself, my goal is to be inspired by people, to learn. most of my family are addicts and i want to break this family curse thats been haunting each generation. The fact that I can inspire someone with my words, is an indescribable feeling of gratefulness. I know its my inner divine working through me. We all are inspiring, you inspire me to continue. And for that i am so grateful… Stay connect with love, Adolfo

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