DAY 219 Sober: Sober and Single

Hello friends today is day 219 sober, I have one more week left until I head back to Los Angeles. Palm Springs so far has been a beautiful trip. Seeing loved ones also meeting some new friends has been amazing.

I am trying to figure how soon I should tell someone about Sober is the New Black. I am very open and raw which I don’t mind but some people might be quick to judge without getting to know me whole. With any normal person dating you don’t let it all out on the first date but in my case Everything is out for the world to see. He will ask what I write about and If I don’t tell him right away would I be lying? I know eventually the person I meet will find out. I also know the one guy I meet will have to accept me not drinking, but I wonder how soon should I let them know the reasons why I don’t drink? If a guy does not understand then of course he isn’t the one for me.

Would it be hard to be with somebody who drinks? Should I even attempt to connect with another guy who suffered from addiction? I know whatever will be will be, so I should just wait and see.firs

With all this said I met someone really cool, fun, and nice. He is aware that I don’t drink. Someone in their twenties who does not partake in drinking is a bit of a foreigner. He wanted to know why I don’t drink. I felt it was way too soon to let him know, but I did hint towards an issue. He seemed to not push the issue and we danced the night away. I had such a blast, laughing all the way to the next morning.  When I first meet a guy and we connect I find myself a bit perplex on what to say. I am not looking for a relationship at the moment, but I do want companionship. I’ll just go with the flow of life. Sober is the New Black. Many questions and not enough answers.

“Smile through the pain until Frowns Become Magnificent Crowns ” Adolfo Vasquez


crowns poem

crowns poem

Love me some Peter Murphy and I’ll fall with your knife, is a breathtaking song. hope you all enjoy

2 thoughts on “DAY 219 Sober: Sober and Single

  1. The best guy for you is one who is sober cb they are not an alcoholic and will be sober with you to support you because they can and will. Asking an alcoholic to never drink again is completely different than asking someone who is not an alcoholic to not drink. If this request perplexes you, you are probably a drunk! Good luck! The real challenge begins when you return home.

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