DAY 141 Sober: A Sober Brunch

Hello friends, today is day 141 sober. It has been a really good day. I am at a hotel café in Korea town it has a really good brunch. The hotel has its own green house so everything healthy and fresh. I am in love with this place. There is nothing like it in LA. I’m so grateful for this sober mind. There has been know craving that old life and ways. Work has been a bit stressful but I managing my stress well. Leaving it behind and trying to find solutions for the issue. I work around 60 hours a week and weekends off. Today I have to work from home a bit but I am grateful for this job that allows me to have this amazing brunch.

 My mind is getting healthy; I think its time for my body to also follow that path. It’s a bit hard because I love snack foods but I want my mind, body and soul all align. Even with working 60 hrs a week, I still write every day. It’s my healing tool, letting it all out. It is necessary for my growth. I write everywhere on buses and trains. Even at work ill sneak in a write. Most of my Poem’s are written on my IPhone notes. They usually start with an idea or a word I write down than elaborate. Some come effortlessly and written in one shot and others may take a bit more work. All is from a sober mind.

 All I want to do is write. I know for the rest of my life ill be writing my life away whether its in books, movies, film, poems or journalism my writing is my purpose and it will guide me to a fulfilled life but all of it is only possible with sobriety and higher power that lives inside me at all times. Sober is the New Black.


image-1 image-2 image



Stay Connect with Love, Adolfo Vasquez

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