DAY 102 Sober: Creating a new Path

Hello friends today is day 102 sober, It’s been a great day. I am now working two jobs that I am very grateful for. I know I will have to get use to not having any days off. It will last for a few months so I just have to buckle up. Writing is a passion I love doing. I have always written stories and poems growing up. When my addiction got really bad I slowed down quite a bit. I would write in bars with a whiskey. I usually end up getting lost in the story or never finish. When I read them back, it just seemed like empty words without passion. I used to think I needed to be under the influence to create but I was so wrong. My writings have meaning now that I have a clear mind. What I create make sense and I have a game plan to execute what I am trying to say. A lot of artist create masterpieces on drugs or booze, for me it is the opposite.


I am now working on a book and even with a sober mind there are challenges. Not enough time in the day is something I am struggling with due to working two jobs but I am pushing through. So for the next few months ill be writing, rewriting, scraping, writing etc. I do have a great chunk done and I know it will be amazing, I don’t want to say to much about it expect I hope it inspires others to follow their passion.


 The road you’ve walked or the Circumstance you are currently in are not a deciding factor on the new road you can create now. Start building a new path in the opposite direction. On that new path plant seeds of change and see your surrounding blossom. Everything around you will start looking brighter and the road will be tuff at first, you might even need to pull out weeds and push through bushes and knock down trees but that work will pay off and that road will lead you into a new life. Anything is possible if you heal from within and work towards that goal. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. You are not the surroundings you are currently in, that’s just a waiting room into greatness. It is not easy and I have fallen down a million times and I will fall again I just have to get back up even when it’s easy to lay down. This book will be done period. Sober is the New Black. I am grateful for my fingers, for my eyes, for my brothers, for the freedom sobriety has given me, and for my writing that fills my life with purpose.




Natasha Bedingfield Unwritten is such a great such. Today is were your book begins the future is still unwritten


Stay Connect with love, Adolfo Vasquez


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