DAY 83 Sober: Born To Succeed- Motivational Video

We are all born great, 5 million options could of happen in the womb but that sperm hit that egg, and created you and I. Success isn’t what is achieved, its what you put into it to achieve it, what you had to overcome to achieve it, the blood, sweat and tears. Don’t be average, be who you are, GREAT. 



Sober is the New Black

Stay connect with love, Adolfo


DAY 83 Sober: New friends and Old friends

Hello friends, today is day 83 sober. It’s been a great day, I have my only day off tomorrow, so I need to try and cram everything in. Today I’ll be writing away but first dinner with a friend. Burgers in Larchmont it is, I love Larchmont its like a hidden gem. I haven’t seen this person in awhile so I am excited to catch up. Next week I start my seasonal job, so I am excited to be making some serious money again. A lot of free time will be gone because I’ll continue to work at the nonprofit. Two jobs will be temporary. When I look back on my old spending habits, most of my savings went to booze. My bills were always paid over booze but whatever was left over was spent on partying. I once took a trip to Palm Springs and spent around one thousand dollars on a week long party, I was wasted the whole time. My account now days look a lot nicer. I am learning how to save.


 Yesterday at work, I notice a lady who was a bit sad. She is a regular I talk to, time to time. I am very sensitive and notices people energy right away. I now live In a state of wanting to listen and help so I went over and asked if she was ok, she just utter a few words, she said a “man Is breaking my heart.” I too recently went through a break up and saw here pain so it hit me and I started to cry with her. I didn’t expect that. I gave her a huge and told her to get up. I told her she is amazing, it will pass and to never close the heart because if you do that other person wins. I went home and couldn’t sop thinking of her, so I wrote her two poems. I gave them to her today, she was so grateful and we hugged again, we are going to get coffee soon. It does not take a lot out of me to listen and try to understand someone who might live differently than me but we all can relate to hurt. I hope I can help others. That’s my mission is to inspire others that might not be inspired.


In the middle of the night I get some amazing ideas for poems so now I sleep next to a note pad and pen so I can write them down, I am afraid ill lose them in my sleep. My goal is to write at least one poem a day, anywhere from love to addiction. I need to collect the ones I have already written down and get them printed, so I can show the publisher. I have poems written everywhere from napkins to scraps of paper, IPhone and my work computer. I am in a constant state of inspiration. The two poems below I created today, one is about not got giving up and one is very short but it’s about doing what is necessary to heal. Sober is the new black. I am grateful for work, love, and new friends, old friends and for my passion for sobriety .


Stay connect with love,  Adolfo