DAY 75 Sober: Seeing Past Differences

Hello Friends today is day 75 Sober. I have the next two days off, my goals to write and get most of poems finish. I have four done that just need to be polish. It’s a series of twelve poems all have a common thread of addiction. They are a bit dark but the ending will end with greatness. I am working to get it publish once its finish. Going to do a series once a year. It is taking some work but I know that the outcome will be great. Today I met someone who has a different view of life than I do. We sat at a bench and started talking, He is straight and I am gay but we both ended up seeing past are differences and notice we had some similar connections. One being a break up caused by us. So we shared stories, laughed, shared deep stuff and got very vulnerable. To the point I had tears in my eyes. In that moment for me I only saw similarities. In that moment I knew there was a lesson to be learn, seeing past my own ego and to only focus on similarities and eventually what separates us will no longer exits because I value friendship over ego. He was open to it having a conversation that allowed that to happen and I have to know some people are committed to not understanding me, or my addiction, or my program. Other people might not want open up and only see difference, that’s ok, I can’t focus on that. When I was suffering with Addiction I was always getting offended by what people said or did. When people had opinion that didn’t match mine I would take it personally, my feelings would be so hurt. Now I really want to work on seeing past differences. Not letting other people views affect my emotions that stop me from building a connection.


Affirmation is something I will be implementing in my life, in the morning and before bed. Now that I am getting rid of those negative thoughts I want add positive thoughts, thinking them and also saying them out loud. Life has been pretty amazing in the past 75 days; everything is becoming clear and peaceful. I am seeing people in a different light and my passion for writing is the strongest it’s ever been. I will keep working on my Recovery program so Alcohol- ISM (Inside Self & Mind) voice eventually fade away. Sober is the New Black. I am grateful for life, for you the reader and for the peace I feel.




Stay Connect with love,  Adolfo


Switchfoot Dare you to move is such a powerful song

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