DAY 53 SOBER: My Letter to Vincent

It’s 12:24am on day 53 sober, I am still awake on Sober is the New Black,  the longer I am sober , I get more of an understanding on what love is and means. Learning how to love and accept love. How to show love, give love, create love within. How to build relationship with love and how to nurture love. I created this post from a deep place and felt these feelings inside needed to be released. This Letter consist of a poem I just wrote, photos and a song that connects to everyone in the photos Especially vince.




You choosen this lost boy with no direction

Loved the drunk with whiskey lips

Supported my empty shell of a body with your clouded eyes

Cuddled my lifeless limbs and bones with your tired arms

Wiped away my weeping tears of regret with your blister fingers

You fathered the fatherless with your broken heart

Cried, pleaded, begged, demand with your threats  

Dug holes for a prisoner of the past to escape with your fading love


This boy now has direction with sweet lips

Body Shell filled with Love, joy and courage that shine’s out

Limbs and bones electrified with strength

Tears of joy now flow

Fathered by the universe

No longer a Prisoner from past

 free’d  from the dug holes


Let me build that path now

Let me love those bitter lips

Let my shine, shine through those clouded eyes

Let my endurance build those tired arms

Let my sober kisses heal those blistered fingers

Let my love seal that broken heart

Let my action wash away those past threats

I am now strong enough to dig holes for your prison past

Carry you to freedom

 Choose me.  

 Let me choose you.

 Love me.

 Let me love you.

 Hold me.

 Let me hold you.

 Choose us.  

By Adolfo Vasquez


photo 1-1 photo 1 photo 3photo 2-1 photo 2 photo 3-1  photo 4 photo 5





Stay connect with love,  Adolfo

4 thoughts on “DAY 53 SOBER: My Letter to Vincent

  1. That was beautiful dolfo! I hope that one day you and my brother can find your way back to each other. We love you very much and you’ll always be a part of the family.

    • love you and thank you for your kinda words. I really truly love every part of the family and appreciate the support. Only time will tell. No matter were life takes me and even if vince isn’t in my life physically. Vince changed my life, so for that I will carry him in my heart forever.. He’ll be their when i publish my first book, to my first film, to my mom passing, to my first child because without those lesson he thought me and the courage he gave me i would not have any of those moments. I hope when the dust settles and the pain subsides, vince can see only the profound change he has brought me. I truly believe he was my life teacher.. I will never be the same. love you, the hubby and kids! ill see you again one day hopefully holding on to Vincent arm.

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