DAY 31 Sober: Loved and Loneliness

Hello Friends today is 31 days sober and I am so grateful for all the love I am getting from all over the world.  31 days ago I started Sober is the New Black and I did not expect this level of  support and love. I wake up excited for life and its hard me to fall asleep because life has been so amazing. I do have my moments of weakness were the Alcoholism comes out and tells me a sad story, the story is not one from childhood but its one from my last relationship. Its feeds me fear and thoughts of him with some else. My Alcohol-ISM puts thoughts in my head like what if I do this. In consumes my thoughts for a while causing me pain that is felt so deep it physical. 


So what I am realizing is I need to go back and self dissect my childhood starting with the beginning and connect the dots to my thoughts today. It will be hard but I need to free myself from the story of my profound misfortunate childhood. Breaks up are hard but also getting clean from addiction at the same time is kind of unbearable at times but what has helped me so much has been this blog, the support, being grateful, positive thoughts, and knowing the only love I need in life is the love for myself than love from others will follow.


Yesterday was so amazing at the same time it was very hard because I wanted to celebrate with a particular person but I couldn’t. Not sure why I wanted to spend it with him, Maybe I just wanted a hug or to feel someone else, it’s been awhile.  I am told old for a fling and I am attractive to connection over anything else but I think the reason for me wanting to spend yesterday with this one person is of course I miss him and still love him but I want him to get to know me and my heart now that I am in a amazing place. And maybe get some redemption. Kind of ironic I had so much love and support but still felt extreme loneliness. Yesterday I realized I still need to heal from the break up and from certain childhood trauma’s that make me feel such loneliness. So the next 30 days I will be going deep into the childhood trauma to reflect, connect the dots and heal!


Stay connect with love, Adolfo

One thought on “DAY 31 Sober: Loved and Loneliness

  1. As U stated it will hurt the old childhood memories but cleansing is needed in order to move forward and heal. Whatever comes up examine it see how it affected U and then let it go because UR not that same person anymore and the circumstances R not the same anymore. UR not depended on the two people who brought U into this world, remember it was our “Lord” who gave U life not them Mijo. UR your own person now being influenced by more positive things then negative. ❤️U very much. Tio Gabe

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