DAY 10 Sober: Hidden Cravings

Today is still day 1o sober. Since i started this sober journey i always pride myself for not craving the booze but today i realize my cravings are coming in different forms. I know in my heart that i don’t want to drink again so my alcoholic disorder is coming out in bits of depression. I feel really good for a few days then the fourth day comes and i get a whole day of this weird depression were i do not feel anything but Brief  moments of sadness.  Nothing i do cheers me up. I do not want to do anything just sleep.  I know i wont drink ever but my mind is trying somehow to get me to.  Addiction is really hard to understand unless you are an addict. 


Ive also started to crave sweets, more than usually i feel myself eating more and more. I have to watch how my infected mind is acting out in different ways. Usually addictions switches to another, well in my case does. Cocaine to booze so i have to be very aware of everything i do. Addiction is work and i am up for the challenge. Its by far the hardest thing to over come but i know its possible to live with it and not drink.  I know its get better and i cant wait to be on the other side of this but it takes one day at a time

Stay connect with love, Adolfo


DAY 10 Sober: June Bloom, Planting Soul Seeds

Hello, Today is day 10 sober! So excited to make it to the double digits. June for me is going to be filled with mindfulness, Positive Reinforcement and Positive Actions. I wont allow any June Gloom in my life. Last night was my first night in my new Apartment it was pretty amazing knowing i did it all myself. no help. Yesterday move was a stressful day, but my Alcoholic disorder did not come out and infect my mind with negative thoughts. I did get a bit annoyed but i feel like that’s  natural and i did not react in a negative way.


I learn that life is going to get hard at some point and the only thing you can control is your reaction.  My Alcoholism is a disorder i have to live with for the rest of my life, it took me a long time to come to terms with that idea. June will be a month of me planting seeds in my soul. The seeds are Long term goals, joy, forgiveness, wellness,peace, truth sobriety, hope but i have to get all the weeds out. The past, Negative thoughts, Loneliness, Jealous, ego, comparison, judgement. I cant just leave the seeds i have to water and feed the seeds with patience, love, positive thoughts, laughter, empathy, self respect, and most important Sobriety. 

June will be amazing and filled with purpose.  below is a video i made last night before i left my old apartment.. Goodbye may Hello june bloom!

Thank you for all the support!

Stay connect with love, Adolfo