DAY 41 Sober: Oprah Winfrey “Surrender”

Hello Friends today is day 41 Sober and it has been such an amazing day. I am sitting in a coffee shop in Koreatown, Ca. This place has been a safe place for me.  Sober is the New Black has been such a form of therapy for me and I am so grateful for it. Yesterday post on Oprah Winfrey was part one; the second part is about Surrendering. I saw this a while back and at the time I was struggling with surrendering but Oprah Winfrey has thought me how too. Surrendering brings so much peace.  Surrendering is a big part of me getting sober. The last few attempts at trying to stay sober was not successful because I thought I can do it on my own by not drinking. I did not understand the process of surrendering to a higher power! Once you Surrender to a higher power that you understand it to be in your life. Infinite Possibilities are waiting for you!

Hope this video helps anyone who is struggling with surrendering in any aspect in their life whether it be Loss, Addiction,or from past.


Stay Connect with love, Adolfo

DAY 40 Sober: Oprah Winfrey

Hello today is day 40 Sober and it’s been an awesome day! Growing up not really having a stable foundation, all I really had was film and TV. TV has thought so me so much about myself.  One person in particular has helped my in ways no other person has. Oprah Winfrey has inspired me throughout my life. I started watching the Oprah Winfrey show as a child into adulthood. Her words has open up my conscious and brought me connected me to my soul. Teaching me the essence of the Law Of attraction and how to connect with my higher power. She is like my ultimate teacher and mother like figure. Watching her show at a young age gave me hope; even hearing her own story is so inspiring. She introduce me to amazing life teachers like Maya Angelou, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Michael Bernard Beckwith and Iyanla Vanzant who all inspire me in different areas of my life. Infinite possibilities. Sober is the New Black!

I post a video below of her Inspiring video that I’ve watch countless times when I am feeling a bit down, hopefully it can helps others as well.


Stay connect with love, Adolfo