Good morning friends, today is day 54 sober! It’s almost two months and I am so proud of myself for getting this far. The journey has been very clean, no cravings. I’ve been going deep trying to find issues that I have from childhood and connect the dots when it comes to my adult thinking. I’ve also been praying and surrendering, which has been amazing. When I surrender, even when it’s a non-Alcohol issue, the universe seems to work everything out. For example I recently moved into a new apartment and before the move I was a bit worried about taking on all the responsibility that comes with having your own place. I have never lived on my own and one of the worrisome was financial Responsibility, can I do it. So I prayed and surrender it to my higher power, as I understand it to be. A few hours later I called the rental office to see how much my move in cost will be and they informed me that my rent is half off for a year due to a maintenance issue. My eyes are not meant to see the universe path, just to believe and surrender, Let the universe play its role. Like Oprah says I can dream this big of a dream but the universe can dream, dreams bigger than you can imagine. Surrender, gratitude, and doing the right thing are the kind of space I always want to live in.


Doing the right thing isn’t always easy when you are caught up in your day or ego or issues, its that moment when you see a lost person asking for direction and you have a smart phone you can easily put in the address and direct them. The moment you realize their struggle the inner voice tells me maybe I should help her, that’s the inner divine speaking to me, the inner spirit, that has always been inside. Than my ego says nope I wont because I will miss stop or I am on Facebook. The “I” is the ego. Always thinking about it self and never grateful. Doing the right thing, not for profit or for ego will be so fulfilling within. Matching my words with my actions are really soul rewarding. I used to stay up watching YouTube videos seeing people give homeless people money. It felt good, it gave me tears of Joy and I heard my inner self say I would love to do that, Than the ego says “I” am not rich, theirs the “I” again. It’s not really the giving of the money that makes me cry it’s the compassion and empty without judgment that makes me cry.  Empathy and compassion is the universal language we all understand and it connects are inner souls. It overlooks race, sex, religion, and politics, what country you are from, beliefs. I am grateful for life, a clear mind, and for Sober is the New Black


I’ve been obsessed with Maya Angelou for a while this video helps me understand what do the Right thing means. Hope you enjoy this video  



Stay connect with  love, Adolfo





Hello friends today is coming to an end of day 52 sober. Today has been such an amazing day. I have a great nap and I am feeling well rested. Maya Angelou is perfection to me, Her poems resonate with my soul. Every word, speaks to me. Its does not matter where you are from or the story you have lived, We are connected.  Her Inspiring words carry me through out my day among other influences. If i am ever feeling a bit blue or just need a pick me up for my soul, I RISE From Maya Angelou helps me go deep and find my inner smile, my inner tiger, my inner Adolfo. I am so grateful for her life and her words. Sober is the New Black has been such an amazing journey so far. I hope you guys enjoy this video below. Maya Angelou I rise.



Stay connect with love, Adolfo

DAY 40 Sober: Oprah Winfrey

Hello today is day 40 Sober and it’s been an awesome day! Growing up not really having a stable foundation, all I really had was film and TV. TV has thought so me so much about myself.  One person in particular has helped my in ways no other person has. Oprah Winfrey has inspired me throughout my life. I started watching the Oprah Winfrey show as a child into adulthood. Her words has open up my conscious and brought me connected me to my soul. Teaching me the essence of the Law Of attraction and how to connect with my higher power. She is like my ultimate teacher and mother like figure. Watching her show at a young age gave me hope; even hearing her own story is so inspiring. She introduce me to amazing life teachers like Maya Angelou, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Michael Bernard Beckwith and Iyanla Vanzant who all inspire me in different areas of my life. Infinite possibilities. Sober is the New Black!

I post a video below of her Inspiring video that I’ve watch countless times when I am feeling a bit down, hopefully it can helps others as well.


Stay connect with love, Adolfo