6 Months Sober: What I’ve Learned

Hello, Friends today is 6 months sober, I am feeling so grateful to be here now with no cravings for alcohol, only cravings I have is to write, inspire, and to heal from within. What I have learned in 6 months is when you take away the booze; I am left with root causes of my addiction, and some I might be unaware of now since I am only 183 days sober. I also learnt “the addiction” isn’t in the booze its in the mind and body, body in the form of cravings and in the mind feeding me thoughts. The mind for me is where I need the most healing the body cravings have left and gone long ago.


I also learnt that I matter, because I am born, and that I am capable of living a dream I just have to stay sober. One of the biggest lessons I’ve gained is forgiveness, for others. I am currently working on forgiveness for the things I have done. I don’t know if one can fully forgive oneself because when I am reminded of the stuff I did my eyes fills with tears. I learnt that the addiction voice gets quite and far in between when I am self aware of the separation between the addiction and I. I learnt that it’s ok to be sad, angry, hurt, happy, joy, all in one day because I am learning how to cope in a sober life. The longer I’m sober I am finding me, also I am able to see this thing called “ego” and now able to see how that affects me in everyday life. I still have a ways to go but I am so proud on how far I have come in 6months


Getting sober and losing the love of my life at the same time was the hardest thing to do but possible to overcome. Anything is possible, you just have to get up and change. The getting sober part has been pretty great, but the letting go of the love seems to be the hardest for me. I feel like the love is so ingrain in my heart, its hard to cleanse out. Today is a pretty big day. I had a picture of us on my wall, I am a huge believer in law of attraction and I believed if I had our picture on my wall and kept healing in my sobriety one day I would wake to him laying next to me, opening his heart again but the reality is he might be cheering me on but maybe not in the form of a partner. I thought I could finally be that man he always wanted and saw in me. Somehow I can be redeemed from all those things I did, I can go back and help heal his bruised heart and grow old, get married and live happy the rest of our life. I am learning how to accept life’s decision. I took down that picture today, i had velcro it so it was really tuff to take off kinda symbolic to my heart ripping a bit but it was necessary, I am going to delete pictures and get rid of all those reminders that i kept holding on too, his earrings and such.  I loved true, but I was dealing with a mental disorder. so I now feel a sense of peace knowing I fought so hard for us, as he did as well. So I sit here in my favorite café in Korea town, happy for my days sober yet a bit sad, oh the rollercoaster of sobriety. but I am alive and feeling life, how life is meant to be felt in the moment. Sober is the new black.







The Pierces Creation is such a powerful song and video!

Day 169 Sober: Creating love for me

Hello Friends, today is 169 days sober, So far it has been pretty peaceful, my plans today is to enjoy each moment and not let anything negative effect my emotions. Lately, I’ve been enjoying being by myself. Away from others and it might be because I spend most of my weekdays surrounded with others and I don’t get much time with myself. My shower is my safe place, where I go and pray and reflect on how I can be better than the day before. I am washing away yesterday worries. Kind of symbolic. I just started once I got sober, I meet with my inner light, and once I connect I feel a sense of peace and my body tingles. It helps me start my day.


 I also enjoy a sense of touch, I run my fingers over walls, or rub my toes in the dirt, so I can focus on the feeling bringing me back to the present away from mind haze. The more I do it the better I get at coming back to the present moment. I feel that sometimes you have to go back to heal so you can move forward but always come back to the moment in peace and understanding. I do notice everything seems brighter, I see life in everything from the wind carrying a bag to the bag itself. What keeps me sober is being connected with my inner light and being self-aware, constant evolving and staying in the moment. Accepting that I am the co-creator with the ultimate creator and embracing life plans.


What I need to work on is finding my purpose, writing yes but I think callings may change since I am always evolving and I might have many callings, I know eventually I would love to work with broken children so they can see their infinite Potential, as I was one of those kids.

In the past I only loved the way I knew how to, a broken kind of love it was still love, but showed in ways a person should not show love learned by seeing my parents. I did things a broken person did, but I was unaware of the broken mind caused by addiction and past hurts but I am aware now. Love is a feeling inside me I create for myself, which overflows into relationships. The most important thing is how I show my love. I am creating deep love for myself, letting it shine out. It’s constant work but, hopefully, it becomes effortless. Sober is the new black

Stay connect with love Adolfo Vasquez,




DAY 82 Sober Poem

Love this song Adia from Sarah Mclachlan,


DAY 109 Sober: Oh hello, Roller coaster of Emotions

Hello Friends today is day 109 sober, it’s been a really good day. I did have a Rollercoaster of emotion the other day. Day 106 sober. My post was more a feeling rant. What I am noticing is I am learning how to feel life again and deal with the emotions that come with sobriety. I hope I did not worry anyone, nothing will take away my sobriety. Its number one and the rest will follow. The last few days, I had to accept the universe decision, I know there is a bigger picture my round eyes probably cant see at the moment but I know The universe has something huge in store for me. I just have to stay focus and embrace life, how I am suppose to. Sobriety doesn’t solve all my worries it just gives me a clear mind so I can make a decision and heal. I am going to have ups and downs and probably feel hurt again but what’s amazing is I am not wanting to drink. I am so proud that I can become sad to that extent I was that night and not want to use.


Getting sober, break up. losing everything is really hard but possible to overcome and what’s even more crazier is you can go from that too writing a book and that my friends just shows you the power of sobriety. People in recovery are the strongest people I have ever met. Dealing with addiction and trying to be a better person everyday takes endless amounts of courage . Some People who are non addicts don’t try and be the best them everyday. Also the loved ones who stick by the addict are also the strongest people I know because my loved ones were fighting my addiction and dealing before I deiced to fight myself and continue to love me and support me. That’s why they are my hero’s. Vince mother, Vince, my stepmother, Vince friends and family, my friends, my family. They were fighting before me and it feels good to know their pain was not in vain. So grateful for them and their love. there are no words.


Side note: I learned when I like someone I forget how to speak in normal talk I Stutter and get so nervous


I have five days off coming up and I want to do a mini trip somewhere and also write, write, write. It really helps me clear my mind and stay focus. My goal is to have my first draft complete by Monday and hopefully soon you guys can be reading my book. Today I am grateful for love, friends, work, and writing and for pain that makes me stronger and the fact that I am felling pain means I am alive and that is a blessing in itself. Sober is the New Black


Stay Connect with love, Adolfo Vasquez


Vance joy besides being hot and a great singer, is a brilliant artist Riptide is perfection