DAY 370 Sober: Lies Addiction Feeds the Mind

Hello Friends. Today is day 370 sober. I am back in Los Angeles, The past few days have been overwhelming with all the love and support, beyond grateful. Yes I made it to my year mark but I will always be working on myself until I am on my deathbed. I don’t ever want to be un-teachable. I have to always be open to others suggestions and wisdom. I don’t want to be right, just whole and happy. I will stay teachable at 20 years sober. Learning from old timers and newbies.

When I first got sober, my untreated addiction fed my mind lies. First lie was Sober people are boring, coffee drinkers, and chain smokers. Second lie, I will never have fun again. Third Lie, I have the rest of my life to never drink again, that’s so much time to be on punishment. I relapsed a bunch of times because I believed those lies.

After having time sober, another lie would pop up. I’m cured; I can control it now, only one beer. I would control it for a while but 2 weeks later I found my soul lost and in turmoil.

I have to be aware of my mind at all times.  So when my past addiction voice resurfaces I can be strong. I can pray, change my thoughts, meditate, write or call a friend. The voices have got quieter and less strong when I am working my shit out.

My eyes are cleared and I see all the love coming from sober people. The men and woman in Sobriety are some of  the strongest people I have ever met. Not just overcoming their struggles but wanting to be better humans, helping others. I have more fun now sober because I know myself better. No body hangovers or mind haze. I smile more and laugh more.

If my mind brings up the length of how long I have to stay sober. I now feel a sense of gratitude for having that time to find myself. I also live in the moment but still work towards long-term goals. I just don’t get emotional when the road takes a detour. I just get back on the same road. I still enjoy and learn from the detour. I might stay on the detour for a minute and self reflect, write or plant some roses so the detour can become a great experience. Sober is the New black

I’ve always been so inspired by others who are vocal about sobriety, Celebrities or non-celebrities. Someone might hear something they needed that day so they can continue seeing the beauty in sobriety. Demi Lovato is someone who is vocal about her past addiction and her current sobriety. The video below talk is a recent interview she did about overcoming her struggle. She’s three years sober now, congrats.


This song below is about her addiction.



Here are some of my poems I’ve worked on in the past few days, hope they inspire

nothing is impossible



forgive all


tunnel of pain






This poem is for  my great grandmother who showed me love and was a safe haven for my brother and I


Might need a bit of a break from writing. sad face



Stay connected with love, Adolfo Vasquez










































. I’ve always been so inspired by others who are vocal about sobriety, Celebrities or non-celebrities. Someone out there might hear something that they needed that day, so they continue seeing the beauty in sobriety.


Demi Lavato is someone who is vocal about here past addiction and her current sobriety.


Day 204 Sober: A Child from Addicts

Hello Friends, today is day 204 sober, its been a great day, 5 days away from returning to my hometown palm springs, ca. So excited it’s hard to containing myself. Looking up some great meetings that I can attend. My goal is to go back and make some amends and forgive everybody and anything so I can move forward with no past preventing my healing. Feels great going back with a clear mind and more evolved than I was last trip back home.


I will be seeing my parents, I used to think I needed them to tell me sorry but the reality is that their actions were a result of an addict. Now that I am in recovery I understand that wasn’t who they are and their sorry can’t change the past or give me peace. The only thing that can give me peace is letting go and seeing them in the moment of today. Not sure if they are still using or have a program that helps them heal. Hopefully, with a huge from me and letting them know that I don’t have any ill feelings towards them than they can let go of the guilt that might be preventing them from fully healing. I don’t know what happen to my parents, but something did that made them feel that substances were a way to cope.

If they are not open to a hug or having me in their lives then that’s ok because I feel content knowing I did my part. I am still whole with or without my parents. Addiction is a hard thing to overcome, but it is possible no matter how long the substance has been blinding a person. My love for them will never leave nor keep me from seeing them in the light of love. When I was a kid I would defend my parents from the police officers or teachers.  They would pull me into the office because I would have black eyes, knots on my head.  I knew if they found out I would also lose my brother who was around the same age as me. He was the only rock I had in my life at the time. He too suffers from an addiction, but that is his to overcome.


I hope I can inspire my family to see possibilities in them, a family of addicts, yes but we are really awesome people too. Some of us in recovery some of us not but one day I dream a dream that we can all be sober, strong, soften, humbled by our egos sitting with only love during the holidays. If not my life is bigger than any circumstances, one day I’ll have a family of my own and start those family traditions I lack growing up.


So if there are any kids currently living with parents who are addicts, I know it’s difficult and confusing right now but I promise your life will go on.  Your parent’s addiction doesn’t define your capability in life. Use your parent’s actions as a learning lesson, hold on to those dreams, find an art and create. Don’t give up or think that you any less, you’re a warrior with unimaginable strength. It’s ok to cry and get angry but always know your parents do love you. They are just unwell and keep your head up above what others say about your family. I know you feel like you are just trying survive day to day but once you get older, you can put down those barriers and open up to a life you deserve. You might have to work harder than others, but it will be very rewarding. People love you, I do, I hear you, I care, I validate you and I promise life gets better! Sober is the new black.




Demi Lovato suffered from addiction and this song Skyscraper is about her addiction. It’s a brilliant song for kids whom might be dealing with parents who are addicts, rise up from the circumstance and fight for a life you deserve.



stay connected with love, Adolfo Vasquez


DAY 112 Sober: Demi Lovato

Hello friends today is Day 112 sober, I’ve really busy writing lately. Writing takes up most of my days, anywhere from 6hrs and up. I used to spend that much time in a bar but I am no longer in that prison. I found a new love in coffee shop bliss. The surroundings are A lot nicer and it doesn’t smell like drunken vomit. I am inspired by natural light so open space with a lot of green is a perfect place. I know some people could be turn off by me counting days, but the reason for it is so I can look back and see my growth. It’s like an online journal and maybe someone who might be struggling at day36 can Google and maybe my post can show them I am there with them in that moment so they don’t feel alone and also maybe I can remind someone with more days then me what day 78 was like. Also if I need a reminder on how life was in the past I can look back and see my progress. Like I said I can’t waste energy on people who committed to not understanding my sobriety or me. I only hope to only inspire others who might be suffering to find a program that works for them and to heal from within but not just heal but become great in life and live your dreams. When you are healing within it flows into actions and how your treat others without opinions and judgments.


I know what works to keep me sober might not work for everyone and that’s ok. Aggressive opinions on how I stay sober can hurt me a bit, I know some are out of concern but its working and I am sober and not craving. My spiritual healing is the core. The steps are the foundation. Yes of course AA helps but what’s more important for me is outside those four walls and the actions I take on my day-to-day basis. I may not always go into detail about what step I am on or commitments or sponsorship. I might in the future but I write in the moment, these post are not written in advance. I don’t even have an idea in my head until my fingers hit the keyboard. Than after the title is made. I write in the moment for the moment.



I have always been an open book and share every detail of my life. If anyone has any question I am open to them and will always answer the best I can. I am a huge fan of people in recovery speaking up about addiction. People have an idea that just because you are sober you can’t have fun but that’s far from wrong. Artists celebrate recreational drug use in music and TV; I think its wrong and also I think there should be more clear minded alternatives for young people. Being sober is the best thing I have ever put on, its fits like a black dress it works in every aspect of my life. It’s an amazing life and very cool. It’s a great state of mind and there should be more options for people in there 20’s who do not feel pressure to heavily drink and do drugs on a sat night, have a cup of coffee and write, go dancing sober, instead of picking up a drink, pick up a paint brush, create a hobby, create art. Find you. Now that I am leaving my twenties, I realize it was a drunken blur and I just want kids to know there are other options; I could have had 10 books publish already with the amount of money and time spent on partying. I am so grateful for people who speak up about addiction celebs and non. I admire Demi Lovato, she is one of us. She is in recovery and her music is all about empowering others who suffer from addiction to know anything is possible once you seek help and heal and do the work. Sober is the new Black.





Stay connect with love, Adolfo Vasquez